Aisteach: There’s No Place Like Home - Open House Dublin 2024

Aisteach: There’s No Place Like Home

F2 Centre, 3 Reuben Plaza, Rialto, Dublin

Dates & Times
  • Saturday 14th October:
  • 10am – 4pm
Tour type
  • Open House Extra
  • Talks & Debates

This one-day creative workshop is a chance to explore what queer housing might look like and whether it could be different from the homes in which we all grew up. Along with others from the LGBTQI+ community, we invite you to come and imagine new ways of living that are reflective of our needs, our hopes and our wishes. We hope to have some fun with the ideas but also to consider the real issues faced by people.

As a community, we have often needed to carve out our own social spaces and create our own chosen family. This process of restructuring and reimagining offers the prospect that, given the chance, we might just come up with whole new ways of living together that challenge heteronormative ideas about what should make up a home and what ‘families’ get to live there.

By playing around with the idea of queer housing, we hope to consider and debate whether housing could and should be done differently for our queer communities: Would we value safety or openness? Would shared spaces look and operate differently? Could we achieve greater intergenerational solidarity?

This workshop is brought to you by Aisteach Co-operative Housing Society Limited (previously QHC Queer Housing Co-operative), a co-operative to provide housing and housing support, for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people through mutual aid based on the co-operative principles. It plans to seek out and secure suitable, affordable accommodation in Dublin to house LGBTQI+ community members from all walks of life.

The Aisteach team will be joined by architectural researcher Nicolas Howden who is exploring queer practice and queer experience of architecture and by facilitator Michael Foley.

This workshop is being hosted by Fatima Groups United at the F2 Centre in Rialto, a community centre co-designed by Fatima Mansions residents.

This tour is pre-book only and booking opens 14 September.

Accessibility Information

Wheelchair accessible
Accessible Toilets
Assistance Dogs welcome
Easy Read information (designed for people with intellectual disabilities, people who can’t read well, and people whose first language is not English)

Photography Credit
© Polina Tankilevitch


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