Ballyroan Library - Open House Dublin 2024

Ballyroan Library

Oldorchard, Dublin

Dates & Times
  • Saturday 14th October:
  • 12pm – 12.40pm
Tour type
  • Building Tour

Box Architecture

The Library was built in the 1980s and has served the community well over the past decades. However, the Library needed to be updated and was rebuilt in 2013, doubling the size of the original Library to 1,510m². A complete rebuild was deemed quicker, less disruptive, economical and a better environmentally sustainable solution.

The new building is part single and part two storey; two new entrances are provided, one to the north, accessed from Orchardstown Avenue, and one to the south, accessed via Orchardstown Villas, giving access into a new double-height internal street. This new internal street is used for large exhibitions, book borrowing and returns, readings, and gatherings and to allow unrestricted access to information in various formats and sources. The lower section of the northern two-storey element houses the main book and reading facilities for adults and children. The new Library provides a rich spatial experience to users from all parts of the local community, broadening the scope of the Library beyond the provision of book lending to that of a community learning and information resource suitable for the 21st-century citizen.

Meeting Point: Outside the main entrance of building

This tour is pre-book only, booking opens 14 September.

Accessibility Information

All buildings are generally accessible to most persons.

Photography Credit
© Paul Tierney and Ben Ryan


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