Marsh’s Library - Open House Dublin 2024

Marsh’s Library

Marsh’s Library, St Patrick's Close, Dublin 8

Dates & Times
  • Saturday 14th October:
  • 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm – Last tour 4pm (Tours 30mins)
Tour type
  • Building Tour

Sir William Robinson

Unchanged for three centuries, this perfectly preserved library of the early Enlightenment, with its original oak bookcases, houses more than 25,000 rare and fascinating books. Designed by Sir William Robinson, the library was built for the Narcissus Marsh, Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, and formerly Provost of Trinity College, Dublin.In 1707 the library was established by an act of Parliament with the second gallery added shortly after under the supervision of Robinson’s successor as Surveyor General Thomas De Burgh.

Built as the first public library in Ireland and still in use today by scholars and students, Marsh’s Library is one of the few buildings of its time in Dublin still being used for its original purpose. A small garden on the grounds provides a peaceful haven in the middle of the city.

Tours of the building will take place discussing the history of the building and how it was designed to preserve the books and the various alterations that have been made over the years since the Library first opened.

Meeting point: Front landing of Marsh’s Library

Tours will operate on a first come basis on the hour from 11am to 4pm with last tour starting at 4pm.

Accessibility Information
58 stairs total, 40 to the landing where the tour will start 18 down the spiral staircase at the end.

Assistance Dogs welcome

Photography Credit
© Tristan Hutchinson, Oisín Marsh




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