The Irish Architecture Foundation has been connecting people to architecture for fifteen years because we believe empowering people with knowledge about the impact of good design will ensure our built environment always improves and becomes a liveable and vibrant place now and in the future. Open House Dublin is our flagship event. It is a festival that celebrates great architecture and urban design and the people that contribute to the creation of built Dublin.

Open House Dublin is part of the Open House Worldwide Family. We are connected to 48 sibling cities, who collectively have become a charged global force for public engagement in architecture.

This year we are more aware of how people have engaged with and viewed their everyday surroundings, their homes, works spaces and their outdoors. Many of us have rediscovered our communities and neighbourhoods and uncovered the extraordinary in the everyday.

The Extraordinary Ordinary is a homage to the ordinary, the lived experience, and reveal how buildings frame and support life. The spaces architects make are not removed from the ordinary business of life – they are right in the thick of it, providing accommodation for living, for working, for culture, for religion and for leisure.

With a programme more diverse than ever, here you will find an unprecedented Open House Dublin, a treasure trove of content, that marks a moment in time, in a year like no other.