‘Site Specific’ – Open House Films

If you missed our premier online last night you can catch it on Youtube or Facebook today!

If you happen to be walking through the city tonight pop in to Meeting House Square Temple Bar to watch on the big screen from 6.30pm – 9.30pm (56min, only 15 permitted in the square at one time). With thanks to Dublin City Arts Office and City Arts Officer Ray Yeates.

Dyehouse Films wonderfully reveal the personalities, processes, complexity, creativity and transformative impact that surround the act of designed space. The protagonists: the architect, the historian, the user, speak directly to the camera, they speak directly to us. Site Specific crosses the city, scales and building types from play parks, social housing, places of worship to a building not yet built.

Taken individually, each 5 minute video has something of the condensed power of a short story. As with the best short stories, it is through the intense focus on the particular qualities of a particular space at a particular time, that much larger social and cultural themes are illuminated.

Site Specific makes evident architecture’s great central responsibility – the shaping of the spaces that in turn shape society.