One Three North – Clongriffin - Open House Dublin 2022
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One Three North – Clongriffin

The construction of the One Three North – Clongriffin commenced in August 2018 with plans for 382 modern apartments set on a plot in Dublin 13. The apartment services and utilities required a high level of connectivity and easy, convenient access to the rest of the building, allowing residents to be fully in charge of their living space. The design also targeted high energy efficiency aiming to achieve on-site renewable requirements. Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation (GDHV) approached the project consultants with a new concept of low carbon, renewable energy system capable of delivering smart heating, ventilation, and hot water based on their Edel hot water heat pump solution.

GDHV’s Edel hot water heat pump system features direct-acting panels, smart storage heaters and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR). This solution is ideal for specification in large residential developments. In these developments, installing a traditional centralised heating system with a higher operating temperature would result in heat loss affecting the efficiency of the heating system.

The 200-litre Edel hot water heat pump specified for the Vesta development is a low carbon energy solution that uses external air delivered through a ducted system to an air source heat pump integrated into a single unit alongside a hot water cylinder. The heat pump recovers heat from the external air, which is used to raise the temperature of the water in the cylinder to the standard 60˚C. The Edel hot water heat pump was installed by electrical and plumbing contractors and didn’t require specialist installers, whilst the time to complete the installation and setup was 2-4 times quicker.

To maximise the comfort levels and provide fresh, ambient air in the apartments, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery was specified (MVHR). The Xpelair NA180 MVHR units were installed in each apartment. The MVHR units are continuously extracting stale air whilst recovering up to 86-89% of the heat that would usually be lost back into fresh, filtered air entering the apartment.

The Dimplex Control App is the critical part that brings the services in the apartments together. The user-friendly app interface allows apartment residents to control their heating easier. Energy reports are available for users per apartment, zone, or product, with a 24-hour, 7-day, month, and annual view. The control system gives residents complete control of their comfort levels and energy usage while giving building managers more visibility of faults and improved remote assistance.

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