Meet the Irish Architecture Foundation…James Delany

James Delany, Open House Dublin Volunteer Coordinator

What do you love about your role with the IAF?

I love how lively and engaging this role has been and enjoy the opportunity it has given me to reconnect with the city in a special way after the past year and half we have had.

Has working with the IAF changed how you personally view architecture?

Through working with the IAF I have come to appreciate architecture more as an art form and have loved engaging in conversations about architecture from a new standpoint than I had previously.

Name your favourite building in Dublin and why?

Currently, my favourite building in Dublin is the Sunlight Chambers on Parliament St/Essex Quay. I have fond memories of the building, my dad often includes the spot on walking tours he gives of Dublin. The building tells the story of the production of soap in vivid blues, greens and yellows. It’s a gem that perhaps goes a bit overlooked!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, view from the roof. Photo by Rory Delany.

 If you were “in charge” of the city what would you build first and why?

Affordable housing. I have seen so many great people and immense talent leave Dublin as they have been priced out and our homelessness crisis has escalated.

What’s been your best moment of any Open House festival so far?

Visiting Kevin Street Garda Station & Library. I went to school in the area – it was great getting to see it finally complete!

Kevin Street Garda Station, view from New Bride street. Photo by Rory Delany.

What’s your top pick for Open House Festival 2021?

Freemasons’ Hall.

Image right: Photo of James Delany by Luke Faulkner (Puregrand).


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