Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market

Parke Neville, 1884 /
Dublin City Council Wholesale Fruit Vegetable And Flower Market, Mary's Lane, Inns Quay, Dublin
Saturday, 10am—5pm
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The Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market is a Victorian era structure built in 1892 by the then Dublin Corporation. It was built as a dedicated market space for local farmers/traders to sell/buy fresh produce. The building is constructed from a variety of materials including redbrick, steel and wood. The inside of the building consists of a large trading floor which can be separated into lots for each trader to operate from. The building can be accessed by a variety of doors decorated with images of produce made of steel. These decorations become more detailed as you get closer to the market’s main entrance.

Tour Info

Tour every hour from 10am-4pm

Pre-book only.

  • There are no Toilet facilities available.
  • The building is an open space and visitors are advised to dress for outdoor.


  • Wheelchair Accessible.


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