West of Capel Street: Monasteries; Markets and Prisons

Meeting Point: Outside the Gutter Book shop Cow Lane
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Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded tours leads this walk around one of the most richly-layered historic parts of Dublin city centre, featuring now-vanished but once mighty medieval monasteries, historic marketplaces and former prisons.  We’ll see how many of these long-vanished institutions still influence the street plan, the street names, and even the culture of Dublin, right up to the present day.  We’ll conclude at a fine 18th century courthouse that witnessed many of the most dramatic, bitter, and controversial trials in Irish history.

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Tours at 2pm The tour is delivered in English and takes place entirely outdoors. Please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of time. The tour begins 2pm sharp. Pre-book only. Booking open 28th September. Check back here!


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