Irish Architecture Foundation is delighted to invite you to The Big Debate on the eve of Open House Dublin, which asks a panel from politics, culture, architecture, innovation and business What Kind Of City Do You Want? Dublin is changing and people are talking about it.  Its shape, development and identity are a hot topic at the moment. Dublin aspires to grow and operate on an international scale, while at the same time retaining the essential character of place, but does Dublin need to work a bit harder to achieve its aspiration? Does a city that is rapidly transforming signal a future of great potential and opportunity?  Or do we need to pause and check ourselves before we lose sight of what makes this city great? Chaired by Linda Doyle, Dean of research TCD, each of the panellists are given 5 minutes to visually and provocatively present their perspectives on the question before the discussion is open to the floor. Ciaran Cuffe MEP will talk about shaping a zero carbon city, Jamie Cudden Smart City Programme Manager DCC, will talk about how we need to take the opportunity to shape the future in a way that benefits our city and communities.  John O’ Beirne from Bank of Ireland will discuss how they enable innovation. Clare Lyster, an Irish born architect based in Chicago, will discuss ways to leverage communication infrastructure to productively invigorate collective life in the built environment. Jennifer Jennings, co-Director of pop culture outfit THISISPOPBABY Jennifer Jennings, co-Director of pop culture outfit THISISPOPBABY will talk about the massacre of culture in this city, and put forward some ideas to affect change.  Dominic Stevens, director in JFOC Architects, will talk about diverse housing typologies and how we need to consider alternative ways of living in the city, and how architects can help.