As the COVID 19 health crisis continues, and we are exposed to unprecedented social, economic and ecological challenges, it is time to analyse what we have learned and to discuss where we go next.

If we start asking the right questions now, then there is an opportunity to create a city that is fairer, that is built for everyone and where everyone belongs. Everyone has the right to benefit from architecture. By ‘fair’, we mean a city that is accessible to all (both physically and socially); equitable, unbiased, and considerate to people; to the environment and our shared future. Fairness also encompasses access to quality, and a city that embodies beauty as well as serving the basic needs of humanity.

We assembled a panel of experts passionately interested and involved in the ongoing development and improvement of our nation’s capital. Chaired by Philip Crowe, College of Engineering and architecture UCD & Co-Founder Space Engagers, they discussed how we can collectively rise to the challenge of making Dublin the very best that it can be and revealed their insights, their motivations and their vision for a fair and generous city.


Lord Mayor of Dublin Cllr Hazel Chu

Sinéad Burke, Director of Tilting The Lens

Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect

Liam Herrick, Director of Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Andrée Dargan, DLR County Architect

Jennifer McElwain, School of Natural Sciences TCD