The “Margaret Kennedy Road” development at St Teresa’s Gardens is underway with 54 homes under construction on a site bounded to the west by the Coombe Hospital Complex, to the northwest by single storey dwellings, to the east by Donore AVenue and to the south by the greater St. Teresa’s Gardens site.  The scheme is designed to be more connected to the district’s street pattern, addressing a problem of the original scheme.  The terrace of houses runs back to back with those existing , following the pattern of the 19th Century development.  The scheme will provide 54 new homes, comprising 38 houses and 16 apartments.  Theses 54 homes under construction are the first phase of a significant and complex area regeneration plan for the Dublin City Council-owned St. Teresa’s Gardens site and adjacent privately owned lands known as the Bailey Gibson and Player Wills site.

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Please note- The session will take place in Donore Avenue Community centre, with a walk to view the site from the perimeter as access onsite is restricted.
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