St. Teresa’s Carmelite Church

Recent interventions John McLaughlin Architects , 1876 /
Clarendon St, Dublin 2
Sunday, 2pm—5pm
Photo: Ros Kavanagh

This project was to renovate one of Dublin’s oldest churches. The statue under the altar is an important nineteenth century sculpture. In phase one, an old sacristy was converted into reconciliation rooms. Oak screens within the rooms allow penitents choose between an anonymous or a face to face encounter with the priest. In phase two we removed pews to gain additional circulation space around the altar and we replaced the 1970s grey nonslip flooring with marble to bring the visual focus back to the altar. Zandobbio marble was matched to existing marble in the side chapels and the altar rail.

First Come Basis

Just show up and look out for Open House Dublin Volunteers.


  • Wheelchair Accessible.
  • Suitable for Children

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