Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – Roof Tour

2021 /
St Patrick's Cathedral, Saint Patrick's Close, Dublin 8
Friday, 11am—3pm
Saturday, 11am—3pm
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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the National Cathedral for the Church of Ireland. Built between 1220-1259 on the site of an older stone church, it was extensively restored in the 1860s through the generosity of Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness. Over the last two years the upper roofs have been replaced with new slates, leadwork and stone cleaning and repointing. Other works undertaken during this time include upgrading the attic walkways, improvements to high level fire detection systems, and enhancements to the lightning protection system.

This tour will visit the newly renovated roof of the Cathedral.

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Tours at 11am and 2pm

Pre-book only. This event is sold out.


Please note there are 177 steps in total to access the roof and there is no lift available.



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