On Site With… Newmark Architects - Open House Dublin 2022

On Site With… Newmark Architects

Portobello, Dublin
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The client had just purchased the house from a family member when they approached Newmark Architects. The house had been connected to the clients’ family for generations so they were eager to respect the original character of their home while still extending it to accommodate a new kitchen, living and dining area, as well as new bedrooms. While the house possessed some very well-proportioned rooms, the main kitchen and dining areas were less spacious and the house had little relationship to any external space leaving it quite dark internally. The ground floor has been opened up to an external courtyard with direct access for the new kitchen and dining area. A new sunken living area is located adjacent to the courtyard. The original well-proportioned rooms have been retained and two new bedrooms have been discreetly accommodated at first floor level. Roof-lighting has been used to provide direct sunlight to the bathroom and the stairwell.


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