On Site With… Flavio Lombardo Architects - Open House Dublin 2022

On Site With… Flavio Lombardo Architects

Flavio Lombardo Architects
Ballyboughal, County Dublin
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This private house is situated on the outskirts of Dublin, positioned on a field and has been built as a strong yet minimal contrast to its surrounding landscape. It provides accommodation for a family of five and includes a generous open plan kitchen, dining and sitting room, a second sitting room and four bedrooms with two en-suite, a main bathroom, a toilet and a utility and services room. The architectural composition uses white volumes, simple forms and a minimal palate of materials which together create a contemporary building. The single-story house with flat roof in rectangular layouts, accommodates high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows with good access to outdoor patios on southerly and easterly sides. I believe architecture and beauty comes from careful coordination and readability of 3- 4 selected elements, materials and colours. This is how this project has been approached from the inception. The 3-4 rule is central to the design of the project. The monolithic approach of the masses, grounds the building giving it a strong sense of timelessness and heavy solidity, which symbolically represents to me what a family should be about: solid and grounded. For the interior, a neutral and calm color scheme has been used, with the main living and circulation areas with dark grey doors and joinery, oak floors running throughout, and all walls painted in white, capturing and directing the light into the interior spaces. Calibrated opening sizes, a heat recovery ventilation system combined with an air to water heat pump and underfloor heating throughout the house, secured a solid A2 energy rating. The challenges were to incorporate the extensive accommodation required by the client brief, and still meet the budget. At the end, this requirement has become one of the main elements that has influenced the spatial composition of the building and has been emphasised as a composition feature: stripping out any unnecessary details and using a plain and traditional set of conventional materials and technology. I believe the project shows innovation by the general spatial composition of the form it is made of, by proposing a minimalist contemporary architectural language, and a flat roof which is unconventional to Irish countryside landscape and vernacular, and also of the challenging use of carefully bespoke materials.


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