On site with… Architectural Farm - Open House Dublin 2022

On site with… Architectural Farm

Architectural Farm
89 Annadale Drive, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
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The project brief was to provide a compact contemporary home in a side garden at the end of an existing terrace of houses. The project was conceived as new Architecture Hiding in Plain Sight amongst the pebble dashed houses by donning the clothes of the existing. The new home celebrates and respects the beauty of the ordinary of the neighbourhood in scale, form and material with contemporary detailing revealing itself slowly as you approach and enter the new building.

The form of the building uses the building lines of the existing terraces both to the side and rear of the existing end of terrace home. By pushing, pulling and carving the new form we look to replicate the existing typology at first glance while also setting itself apart as something new.

The roof line is extended and pull down towards the garden where a cantilevered gutter connects to new landscaping via a rainwater chain. The new end of terrace gable has been carefully considered to respect the scale of the existing openings without necessarily replicating them. The new building interlocks with and provides a new porch for the parent house this along with a new corner chimney grounds the structure further into the context.

The space available within the building was maximised by carving out a series of triple, double and storey and half height spaces to give this modest houses a surprising sense of scale. The triple height hallway, with its sculptural stairs, provides a light filled stairwell which draws light into the hall and large living/kitchen dining area. A double height space addresses a small west facing courtyard drawing evening sun into the living area which also addresses a south facing garden via a recessed splayed glazed wall and the street to the east via timber privacy screen. The small family bathroom feels more generous due to its vaulted ceiling. The master bedroom uses the stretched roof to catch views of the sky and trees.


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