Node is Ireland’s first curated co-living community and is a pioneering model for urban residential living.  It offers a plug and play living experience for busy creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals and features efficiently designed apartments and common areas residents can use to connect with one another and foster community life. These spaces set the tone for a fun yet homey living experience with the resident’s lounge inspired by the pubs of Georgian Dublin with a contemporary twist.

To make this 1940s co-living residence stand out in Georgian Dublin, Design Agency and node worked with local architects NDBA to highlight the buildings existing deco retro architectural features, such as the original mouldings, deco-style fireplace and feature handrails on the winding staircase.

Design Agency added green and fireman red doors to help the façade share in the heritage of Dublin’s famously colorful front doors.

Each room features a heritage paint palette, pops of colour and mid-century-style furniture that was mixed and matched to give each apartment a unique feel reflecting node’s diverse residents and creative community.

Finally, integrating smart home technology such as Google Home, Nest and super-fast Wi-Fi make this a residence fit for the tech-savvy, creative, design-led global citizen while paying homage to the rich history of Fitzwilliam Square