National Botanic Gardens Glasshouses

National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
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Take a tour of the famous Glasnevin glasshouses, taking in the world renowned famous Curvilinear Range designed by Dublin iron master Richard Turner and the Great Palm House, on of Dublin's most famous landmarks. Both glasshouses have been sensitively restored to their former glory in recent years.  Both buildings have been the recipient of the Europa Nostra award for excellence in conservation restoration in architecture. The Palm house noted as Ireland's only tropical rainforest contains many wonderful plants from the baobab tree, the sabal palm to fruiting banana plants to giant bamboo. In the east wing the orchid house displays a wide arrange of ephiphytes and orchids and the west wing of the house houses the succulent collections with an interesting array of cactus and euphorbias on display. The Curvilinear Range provides an equally fascinating range of plants with an economic plants display, in the central house, and plants from Australia, Africa and South America in the east wing. In the west wing a wonderful display of the tropical vireya rhododendrons are on display.

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Tours at 12pm and 3.30pm Pre-book only. Booking open 28th September. Check back here! Accessibility Generally paths throughout the gardens are broad, and have an all weather surface, however there are flights of steps in two places.  The glasshouses are all accessible. Read more here  


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