Architecture & Film in central Dublin. McCullough Mulvin Architects with the Molesworth Gallery are opening 16 Molesworth St for Open House weekend: an invitation into a working space of Georgian Dublin. A series of films will be shown in the first floor rooms of the building. In the front room, “Displaced Longitude” is an installation of 3 films which illustrate McCullough Mulvin’s architecture in Ireland and in India through seven current projects; buildings exploring the fertile relationship of architecture, nature and time – architecture like natural form in tense or loose geometries, or new adhering to old like moss to stones. Designed to be seen from one point, the films present the projects simultaneously but from different angles. They are about different architectural perceptions – as ideas, as realities, and somewhere between – perception enhanced by the monstrous capacity of drones. In the rear room, a Thapar laboratory will include new footage of the almost complete Learning Laboratory in Thapar University which juxtaposes object against site while in another film students tell of their initial experience of the new campus by McCullough Mulvin & DPA architects, Delhi.