Marino Park

Ryan W Kennihan Architects , Built 1920's, Renovations 2019 /
17 Clontarf, Dublin 3
Saturday, 11am—5pm

This project for an extension and renovation to a 1920’s house in Marino is an exercise in turning a modest family home into a dynamic and comfortable place to live using the most common elements and materials. Our extension creates a contemporary aesthetic by utilising the existing character of the house and neighbourhood in a new and more spatial way. Pebble dash and plaster banding stitch old and new together and create a portal to the garden beyond. Internally, the painted cladding, beams and columns form a rhythm that unifies the existing living room through to the new extension while creating an open plan with clearly defined spaces. A well placed mirror doubles both the space of the house and the light of the central roof light which appears as both a semi-circle and circle depending on your point of view.

First Come Basis

Just show up and look out for Open House Dublin Volunteers.


  • Suitable for Children

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