Margaret Kennedy Road and Court - Open House Dublin 2023
Outdoor Tour

Margaret Kennedy Road and Court

City Architects DCC
Margaret Kennedy Road, Saint Catherine's, Dublin 8
Tour Dates & Times
  • Saturday 15 October:
  • 10am – 10.30am |
  • 10.40am – 11.10am |
  • 11.20am – 11.50am |
  • 12pm – 12.30pm
Apartment Building Staircore External view of 3 storey Apartment Building with balcony Street view of 4 storey apartment building

The “Margaret Kennedy Road and Court” development, provides 54 new homes consisting of 38 houses and 16 apartments, is the first phase of the overall Framework Development Plan for the regeneration of St Teresa’s Gardens. The scheme is designed to be more connected to the district’s street pattern, addressing a major problem with the original flats. The terrace of new houses runs parallel to existing, forming a new city street and mirroring the pattern of 19th C development. As a piece of new city fabric the scheme is of restrained design.
Houses are typically 3 storey parapet fronted, dropping to 2 storey with a monopitch roof. The front façade offers a sense of scale from the new road and proposed park. The apartment building comprises three and five storey blocks cranked around a semi-external access stair. Deck access articulates the north elevation and economises vertical circulation; these are open to the elements and together with expressed concrete structural elements, attempt to pay some reference/homage to Simms’s work which had gallery access off semi-enclosed stairwells. All units have generous balconies providing practical space; some provide fine city views whilst others overlook a private courtyard.

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