The new Kevin Street Garda Divisional Headquarters was designed by the OPW. It is designed as a civic quality building responding to the specific site context of its historic surroundings. The building is energy efficient and sustainable with universal access for all.The building is arranged in linear blocks of accommodation either side of an atrium space. It reinstates the
street line along Bride Street with a five-storey building opposite the seven-storey National Archive building.
The five-storey curved block steps down in a series of steps to become two storey adjacent to the former
medieval Archbishops Palace, thereby responding in scale to these important historic buildings.
The important Kevin Street junction is acknowledged by expressing the central atrium space on that façade.
The public entrance is located at this point. The atrium serves as the main vertical and horizontal circulation
space within the building and provides for natural ventilation to all offices along with natural air extraction and allows daylight to penetrate into the building.