This project addresses the issues of re-use of existing buildings for multiple uses on all floors. Originally constructed in 1780, this protected structure was “Victorianised” in the 19th Century and used as a Fish, Game, Poultry and Ice supplier. It was altered again in the 20th Century for use as a cork manufacturing plant and the ground floor was converted to a showroom in the 1950s. Over a decade, repair works were carried out and the building was adapted for use for its current occupiers in 2013. These works involved inserting services, including fire protection and a lift, as well as completing the repairs and reconnecting the 1700s staircase to the ground floor. This connection was made as a strongly contemporary insertion, to allow for the uninterrupted use of the ground floor and to provide separate access to the upper floors. This project shows how these buildings may be used, without diminishing their historic interest.