IAF Building Stories Competition

Open House and the IAF challenge you and your family to build a 3D model of your favourite building! This is a nationwide competition designed for families with children aged 5-12. 1st Prize: Arckit GO Eco  2nd Prize: Arckit Desert Living  These prizes have been kindly sponsored by Irish-made Arckit, 'inspiring the next generation of creators and makers'. Learn more at arckit.com

How to enter

Step 1: (the hard part!) Choose your family’s favourite building!  Make sure to visit your chosen building in person, take some photos and share what you like most about it, make a note of what you think are the most important details to include in your model! Hint! Need some inspiration? If you are in Dublin, why not print out one of the IAF’s ‘Architreks’! These self-guided tours and activity sheets are designed to help you discover more about Dublin - with 6 Architreks to choose from including Dublin 8, Stoneybatter, Dundrum, Temple Bar, Dun Laoghaire and Marino (Dundrum, Dublin 8 & Stoneybatter will be launched on OHD weekend!). Step 2: With your family, build a 3D model of your chosen building using recycled materials.  We suggest cardboard boxes, egg cartons, yogurt cups, newspaper -  think sustainable architecture! Step 3: Take photographs of your 3D model. Take a few photographs of your model at different angles, and choose the best 3! Step 4: Share your fabulous creation with us!  First, fill in the application form by clicking the link HERE and then email 3 photographs (Jpeg images please!) of your model to: learning@architecturefoundation.ie with ‘OHJ-Building Stories -YOUR FAMILY NAME’ in the subject line.  Closing Date: 30 October 2021 Don’t worry about making a direct copy of your chosen building, we are looking for entries that show inspiration, creativity and fun! This is architecture as your family sees and experiences it! You could even focus in on a particular detail of your favourite building - like a turret, gateway or even a window!

Competition Terms:

All entries:
  • Must be created by a family with a child / children between the ages of 5 and 12 
  • Must be your own original work as a family
  • Must not contain any child’s image or any information to mark your identity 


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