The Open House Junior ‘Building Stories Competition’ is a creative challenge for families with children aged 5-12. We invite you to visit a building in Dublin that inspires you and to create a 3D model of it using recycled materials. This 3D model will be based on your impressions and interpretations of the building or of parts of the building – it need not be a direct representation of it. Your 3D model will tell a story about what inspires your family about architecture!

Step1: Choose a building that inspires you from category A, B or C

A: DLR Lexicon Library, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

B: The Ark, Eustace Street / Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

C: Open Choice – any building of your choice in Dublin city or county

Step 2: Building visit

Visit your chosen building and walk around it from the outside. Talk about your impressions of the building as a family. Why did you choose this building? Have you visited it before? What experiences did you have there? What shapes and forms do you see? How many windows and doors are there? How high is it? Who is the building for? What is it used for? What materials were used to build it? Glass, stone, brick, metal? Is it similar to the buildings nearby? Or is it very different? How?

Take some photographs of your chosen building to help you remember it.

Step 3: Create a 3D sculpture

After you have visited your chosen building you can make a 3D model of it. This doesn’t need to look exactly the same, but it will tell the story of your visit to the building.

To do this, collect some recycled materials, for example: old cardboard boxes, tubes and paper, or recycled packaging. You may also need sellotape, paint or glue. Use your imagination to create your building and tell your story. Take some photographs of your 3D creation and choose the best 3 to describe it.

Step 4: Competition submission closing date 30 October

Complete this Application Form

Email 3 photographs of your 3D creation to: with ‘OHJ-Building Stories-YOUR FAMILY NAME’ in the subject line.

Eligibility requirements:

To be eligible for the Open House Junior Digital Design Challenge, all entries must be created by a family with a child / children between the ages of 5 and 12, must be your own original work as a family and must not contain any child’s image or any information to mark your identity

Criteria for assessment:

Entries will be assessed on the original and creative interpretation of chosen building and the innovative and interesting use of recycled materials to create a 3D model.

Prizes kindly sponsored by Arckit

There will be one prize per category A, B and C – an architectural modelling kit by Arckit. This will be a choice of one from the following list: LITTLE Architect, Mini Modern Colours 2.0 or GO Plus 2.0.

Arckit’s mission is ‘to help you develop fundamental design skills and experience the feeling of spontaneous creativity through hands-on model building. And to continually develop our unique system as a practical tool for architects, a STEAM learning aid for education and as a fun way to release creative energy.’

Questions? Contact Bláithín Quinn, Curator of Learning, Irish Architecture Foundation: