Hidden History of Dublin Homes Tour

Meeting Point: Outside the Tenement Museum at 14 Henrietta St
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Hidden Homes Dublin walking tour takes us off the usual tourist routes to explores how homes have formed peoples lives through the ages. We will begin by seeing what “home” means to you? Is it an apartment or a grand Georgian House? It could be a boarding house, or a tenement in the past. The objective is to give a fun and historical take to what we call home. At Henrietta St we will see the first Dublin Georgian street and assess the faded glory of these 1700’s mansions. Dublin was wealthy and considered the second City of the old British Empire. When parliament closed in Dublin (in 1801) these fine houses fell into decline as the aristocrats moved to the London parliament. From one family living in the entire house with servants in the basement and attic, to a whole family living in one room. This family could contain three generations of relations! Who tried to alleviate the hardship of famine refugees, disease and overcrowding or who profited by it? Many people lived in religious communities in Convents, Abbeys and Monasteries and we will see a convent which was the home of a developer. Green St Courthouse has a fascinating and varied history, the trials people faced, when there was no CCTV or forensics with swift decisions & transportation or worse. The Dublin Fruit and Veg Market is a vast structure built 1892 for sellers to be in from the cold. It is a beautiful building where many tenement women worked. We will cross the Liffey to see Medieval Fishamble St the birthplace of Molly Malone. Winetavern St was the Viking core and we will find how Viking Dubliners lived was theirs a healthier home or were the dark ages dark! We will visit City Hall, externally and see this fine Classical Building built for the Merchants of Dublin and we can look back along Parliament St and take in the significance of a Georgian view. We will see how wide streets contrast with the old narrow streets we have just visited. You will be able to find the shortest street in Dublin. We will finish at a spying pub where information was gathered during the War of Independence by Michael Collins to organise Bloody Sunday. Intelligence was the key to success. We will explore many ways Dubliners lived in this deep dive walking tour.

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  • Wheelchair Accessible.


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