GRCQ1 (The Quay) was opened on the 7th of May 2019. Google currently occupies six floors within The Quay’s domain. These floors amount to over 62, 000 square foot worth of space and provide an array of amenities including Google’s Spice Route Restaurant, a massage room, a games room, a hobby room, a meditation room, a multitude of events and meeting room spaces, as well as a Barista cafe with landscaped balcony access and exquisite views of Dublin’s surrounding Google Campus. Central to the building is a large atrium area which contains a breathtaking decorative stairwell and interior design. The Quay is the first port of call for all new Google employees – the Ground Floor Noogler induction & training area can host up to and including 180 employees at any one time and offers the perfect setting to introduce all new employees to their new working life at Google’s EMEA Headquarters.