Curve Appeal, Balbriggan house extension - Open House Dublin 2023
Building Tour

Curve Appeal, Balbriggan house extension

Islander Architects
14 Lambeecher, Tankardstown, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin
Tour Dates & Times
  • Sunday 16 October:
  • 10am – 2pm
View of a bright dining space looking towards a tall North East facing window, morning light travels across a curved ceiling into the room. A birch plywood bench sits behind a timber dining table on a textured rug. A large green pendant hangs above the table from the curved ceiling. View from a dining space with a timber table in the right foreground, and oak flooring with a view through a tall glazed timber screen into a u-shaped kitchen beyond. A large mirror in the background reflects the light from a large window. View from a stone utility countertop looking through a glazed timber screen into a kitchen and dining space beyond.

Come visit a recently extended and renovated 1970s semi-detached house in Balbriggan.
We were commissioned to reimagine this familiar domestic layout. Through simple interventions the ground floor plan was redefined, changing how it is experienced.
The house has a difficult orientation, by introducing a tall but shallow extension daylight now penetrates deep into the centre of the house. Glazed timber screens allow the light to linger for longer throughout three interconnecting rooms.

This project is located within close proximity to a former brick factory which was the inspiration behind its playful brick facade design. Only the ground floor will be open to view on the tour.

Drop in tour. No booking required.


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