Belvedere College SJ

TAKA Architects , Small Works fit-out 2018 /
Belvedere College, 6 Denmark Street Great, Rotunda, Dublin
Saturday, 11am—5pm
Photo: Alice Clancy

In 2016, TAKA architects were commissioned to carry out a wide-ranging study of the built fabric of Belvedere College’s historic school campus in Dublin city-centre; culminating in the formulation of a ten-year Masterplan for the School. The campus contains a mixture of buildings, dating from the 19th to the 21st century, on a dense and congested site. TAKA’s iterative and episodic design approach led to a masterplan proposal which combines small interventions with large site moves. These projects constitute the first phase of the Masterplan – a series of small interventions which create discrete and special ‘moments’ within the existing built fabric. The projects are: the replacement of the existing school entrance doors, the enlargement of one of the dining rooms, and the relocation and refurbishment of an IT classroom. All the projects were carried out within the challenging environment of a ‘live’ school campus.


First Come Basis

Just show up and look out for Open House Dublin Volunteers.


  • Suitable for Children
  • Photography is not permitted on this tour

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