Originally built to accomodate both houses of the Irish Parliament in 1728. The building underwent significant works in 1785 with the addition of the Westmorland Street Portico by James Gandon and again the extension to the west by Robert Parke in 1792. In that same year the building was gutted by a fire and rebuilt on similar lines (but without the dome) by Vincent Waldre, architect to the Board of Works. The building was rendered redundant by the Act of Union in 1800 which saw political power transfer to Westminster. For three years the building struggled to find a purpose and was used for art exhibitions and even as a barracks during the Emmet rebellion. Founded in 1783, the twenty year old Bank of Ireland purchased the building in 1803 and commissioned Francis Johnston to make the necessary alterations for use as a Bank. Opening to the public in 1808 the building served as the Head Office of the Bank until the 1970’s. College Green remains the principal Branch of Bank of Ireland. The tour will showcase the West Hall, Banking Hall, East Hall, House of Peers (Lords), Parliamentary corridors and the LaTouche Room.