All Change: Newmarket & Environs - Open House Dublin 2023
Outdoor Tour

All Change: Newmarket & Environs

Dean St, The Liberties, Dublin
Tour Dates & Times
  • Saturday 15 October:
  • 11am – 12.30pm
  • Sunday 16 October:
  • 11am – 12.30pm
Street view of red brick building at Mill Street Street view of black wall where it reads: Newmarket

It’s all change at Newmarket. The 17thC marketplace and centre for industry for much of its history, is leaving its roots behind and transforming with new apartments, hotels, distilleries and leisure. A microcosm of the wider changes the city is experiencing, this walk will look at development and regeneration, public space and amenity, the debate around new housing models and their implications, and the efforts to retain heritage and memory of place.

Guide: Stephen Coyne.


Drop-in tour. No booking required.

Accessibility Information

The tour route is via city streets some of which are subject to construction works which may be a challenge to accessibility. The route also includes steps.

Photography Credit
© Stephen Coyne




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