A New Kind of Suburbia

Tower 2 Fumbally Court, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8
Saturday, 11am—5pm
Sunday, 11am—5pm
Photo: Metropolitan Workshop

‘A New Kind of Suburbia’ initiates a conversation about the current character and future potential of a taken-for-granted form of residential development – Suburb

The exhibition represents an investment by our practice in the exploration of new models of suburbia in collaboration with other practices, developers and city councils. By reflecting on our models of thought, their translation into built projects within the suburban context we are entering into a critical discussion about how we can adapt the existing model of suburban development to address emerging issues in sustainability and quality of life. The objective is that this process of analysis, reflection and discussion forms the foundation from which we act ultimately resulting in better outcomes in terms of design and construction.

First Come Basis

Just show up and look out for Open House Dublin Volunteers.


  • Wheelchair Accessible.
  • Suitable for Children

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