9/9a Aungier Street - Open House Dublin 2023
Building Tour

9/9a Aungier Street

Tom McGimsey, MESH Architects
Dublin 8
Tour Dates & Times
  • Saturday 15 October:
  • tours every 30 minutes starting from 10am – 1pm
  • tours every 30 minutes starting from 1.30pm – 5pm (last tour starts at 4.30pm)
Very rare and fine timber stair from 1664. A very rare timber framed roof structure from 1664 Unfinished fireplace with oak lintels from 1664

No.9/9a Aungier Street was one of the first houses built on Aungier Street during the 1660s, and retains a substantially intact timber frame internal structure, massive fireplaces and a beautiful 1660s timber stair.

Drop-in tour. No booking required.

Accessibility Information

The house has been structurally repaired and is safe to walk through. However it is in an unfinished state and is not suitable for young children or mobility impaired individuals.

There are no ramps or lifts, and the lighting is poor. The use of old timber stairs is required to gain access to all floors.

Photography Credit
© Tom McGimsey




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