Gonzaga College

Photo: Fiachra Etchingham

Gonzaga College

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Saturday 14 October, 11.00am – 5.00pm

Initially the school consisted of the three Bewley buildings on the site, one being used for the school, one as a Jesuit house of residence, and one as a lunch room, changing rooms, science laboratories, etc. In the 1950s Andrew Devane of Robinson Keefe Devane Architects prepared a masterplan with a school hall between the two main houses and classroom wings extending to the two main houses. The masterplan included a chapel in front of the hall and main entrance. Over the 1950s the classroom wing linked to the school house was built along with the hall and main entrance.

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Designed by: Andy Devane
Building Date: College 1955 / Chapel 1966-67
Location: Sandford Road, Dublin 6

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