Conservatory Room

Photo: David Leech Architects

Conservatory Room

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Sunday 14 October, 2.00pm – 5.00pm

The character of this modest garden extension is created from the subtle expression of a simple structural construction, which although contemporary in appearance is reminiscent of Victorian orangeries and traditional conservatories. Colour is used to emphasise the differences in surfaces throughout, amplifying the surface articulation and adding richness and atmosphere. The plant and utility spaces are located in an outhouse in the garden. The extension wall continues outside connecting this room back to the main house. A rhythm of pilasters is continued along this edge but the wall between drops in height to acknowledge the lower boundary condition. This extended wall frames a new garden court elaborated with an open trellis hung with wisteria to provide shelter and shade.

First-come basis: Just turn up and look out for Open House Dublin volunteers. Wheelchair accessible.

Designed by: David Leech Architect
Building Date: 2017
Location: 22 St Brigids Road, Killester, Dublin 5

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