Open House Dublin Photo Competition

Open House Dublin Instagram Photo Competition

Above is last year’s winning photo from Helen McCormack. Our architecture and photography enthusiasts will be pleased that we’re running the Open House Dublin (OHD) photography competition again in 2017. This year the focus of the competition are the buildings that are featured in the OHD 2017 programme. We’re also looking for photos that show how we engage with, are inspired by and interact with buildings.

Open House Dublin’s theme this year, The City as a Stage, explores the central role architecture plays in our society, how it frames and influences the patterns and structures of our collective urban existence, from the private, domestic realm to the citywide, public sphere. Through the city’s physical form and structures, this Open House Dublin programme will reveal the character of our capital city and the active citizens, who, on this stage play a vital part.

For this year's photo competition, we're looking for creative representations of how the buildings of Dublin play an active and passive role in the theatre of life. 

Competition Criteria
Creativity, quality of photograph and relevance to the theme.

To submit
Tag your images with #openhousedublin on Instagram
Tag as many as you like over the weekend!

The top photographs will be selected by a panel jury, with the winner announced in early November.

Closing date for entries: midnight, 22 October 2017.

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