Open House Dublin Photo Competition

Totally Dublin and Open House Dublin present Instahouse

Share your photo experiences of Open House 2018.

Upload your best Open House Dublin images over the weekend using the hashtag #instahouse

Each day Totally Dublin will select their five favourites with an overall winner selected after the weekend.

The judges this year are photographers:

Ste Murray
Killian Broderick
Aoife Herrity

Competition Criteria
Creativity, quality of photograph and relevance to the theme.
Open House Dublin’s theme this year, Tomorrows Past: Discover our future heritage.

Heritage is our traditions, preoccupations and values made real. The buildings, streets, squares and parks left behind in our city tell us about the people who came before us. What will the buildings of today tell future citizens about life in 21st century Dublin?

This year Open House Dublin will peel back the layers of Dublin’s built heritage, from medieval streets to Georgian terraces and from residential expansions to industrial revolutions. As well as unearthing historic gems, the theme will ask what will be the legacy of what we build now?

Celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage, this year’s Open House Dublin explores the influence of our European neighbours on Dublin’s built heritage: think Dutch billies, Italian neoclassicism, Bauhaus-inspired modernism and more! The programme will also reflect on the increasing influence Irish architects have on Europe and beyond, by featuring Irish architects who are winning significant projects in Europe and Asia.

To submit
Tag your images with @IrishArchitectureFoundation and @TotallyDublin on Instagram
Tag as many as you like over the weekend and up to and until October 21st 2018
Include #instahouse
The top photographs will be selected by a panel jury, with the winner announced in early November.
Closing date for entries: midnight October 21st 2018.

Check out last year’s winning photo from David Maguire above!

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