Open House Dublin & Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland is partnering with Open House Dublin for the first time to create a new event, Inspiration, which will take place on Wednesday 10th October. This will be a must-attend event for anyone planning to buy, build or redesign their own home. Inspiration will bring together a range of experts, including renowned architect Dermot Bannon, who will provide advice and share tips on all aspects of making a dream home a reality. We hope that the Inspiration event will enable us to extend the appeal of Open House to new audiences this year.

Bank of Ireland’s Head of Mortgages, Shane Quinlan, said “we’re delighted to be partnering with Open House Dublin to raise awareness of the importance of architecture. As the largest lender to the Irish economy we are committed to supporting both house builders and home buyers and this initiative is a great opportunity to inspire people to create their dream homes”.

Bank of Ireland will also be opening its College Green building to the public for Open House Dublin 2018. Constructed for the Irish Parliament between 1728 and 1733, Bank of Ireland College Green is one of the city’s most iconic and prominent buildings.

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