Open House Dublin & Airbnb


For the fourth year running, the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) has joined forces with Airbnb and a number of key organisations and businesses to shine a spotlight on great Dublin architecture through Open House Dublin, Ireland’s largest architecture festival.

As sponsor of the festival, Airbnb is helping to leverage great content by opening up their international office on Hanover Quay and by supporting a number of architecturally significant host homes and events to be included in the programme.

The theme of this year’s festival, Tomorrow Past: Discover our Future Heritage, will peel back the layers of Dublin’s built heritage, from medieval streets to Georgian terraces and from residential expansions to industrial revolutions. Heritage is our traditions, preoccupations and values made real. The buildings, streets, squares and parks left behind in our city tell us about the people who came before us. What will the buildings of today tell future citizens about life in 21st century Dublin?

Airbnb’s international home at Hanover Quay is back for this year’s programme. It is steeped in the economic history of the city, and was allegedly home to Ireland’s first fridge. Housed in one of the last remaining warehouse buildings so characteristic of the Dublin Docklands, the building which faces on to Grand Canal Basin, is a 4,500m2 three story shell aqnd core building by RKD architects, for which heneghan peng architects designed a unique and surprising workspace for 400 people.

This landmark building was previously home to Dublin Ice & Cold Storage (1865-1950s) and was then the Raleigh Bicycle Factory (1954-1980). Hanover Quay was largely an open space until 1865 when Stoney Buildings re-faced the quayside so that it could cater to the increasing numbers of steamships. 6-8 Hanover Quay was part of this redevelopment and became a series of cold storage units for housing the contents of the many trawling ships docking at the Quay during this period.

Airbnb has captured elements of both the global and local. Belonging is an idea that defines Airbnb and these spaces have been designed to reflect the company’s mission. Each of their meeting rooms are either inspired by listings on the Airbnb platform or iconic Irish inclusions which recognise the building’s important role in the development of Dublin.

Airbnb and Open House Dublin share core values of community and creating a sense of belonging, as well as a belief that connectivity and discovery are open to everybody. Airbnb staff will be volunteering at Open House Dublin 2018.

Aisling Hassell, Ireland Site Lead and Global Head of Community Support Operations at Airbnb, said, “Airbnb is delighted to partner with the IAF to support Open House Dublin for the third consecutive year, celebrating the homes and buildings that make up communities across the city. Airbnb is committed to helping make cities stronger socially, economically, and environmentally and we are delighted to be participating in the programme again this year, opening our Dublin headquarters to the public and also making three Experiences on Airbnb available as part of Open House Plus."

Speaking about this year’s record number of events and supporters, Nathalie Weadick, Director of the IAF, said, “To make this free festival happen, the IAF depends upon the actions, financial contribution and in-kind support of multiple agencies and organisations: not to mention over 350 volunteers and guides. This coming together of civic investment, state support, business partnerships and individual involvement is what enables us to present this wonderful event each year.”

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