Experience a Village in the City Centre – The Liberties!

In Our Shoes Walking Tours has been very busy over the past two years, training local people from Dublin’s Liberties as walking tour guides. Wandering at a leisurely pace off the beaten track, encountering all the better-known sights as well as the hidden gems, you will be given rare access to local stories – bizarre, hilarious and tragic. You will see where market life still survives cheek by jowl with thriving new enterprises. You will visit the antiques quarter and stumble across hipster-heaven coffee shops. This tour offers visitors a one-of-a-kind authentic experience of the heart of Dublin and is a great way to engage with the area, its people and history, uncovering its many layers and seen in a whole new light.

“My nan always says it takes her eight hours from one end of Thomas Street to the other – because she knows everyone” – Anthony Freeman, Tour Guide

The Liberties is a wonderful working class area that hosts a vibrant high-tech sector and major tourist attractions – but the changing environment has meant a high number of local people have no, or low, employment. Many people in the area used to work in the textile industry but that’s all gone now, with those opportunities becoming unavailable and replaced with multinational companies. In Our Shoes Walking Tours aims to work in an industry with growing opportunities which captures the past, present and future. Dublin City Council envisions the number of tourists in the city growing about 7 percent per year, according to its tourism strategy for 2017-22. And the Liberties hosts a massive draw: last year, the Guinness Storehouse attracted approx. 1.7 million visitors.
In Our Shoes Walking Tours is a community-owned company employing local people which ensures all of the earnings remain here in our neighbourhood. Any profits are reinvested in the company to train more guides and provide more local employment, with great plans to expand, with more tours in the Liberties and scaling to other parts of Dublin.

“If we had a euro for every tourist we pointed towards Guinness, we’d be millionaires” – James Crowe, Tour Guide

But today, The Liberties retains its distinctive character.  It’s a place to discover and enjoy: a place of evocative place names, engaging architecture, vibrant street life and strong community spirit. And, we cannot wait to expose it to you.

Alison Fernandez, Manager
In Our Shoes Walking Tours
– A not-for-profit social enterprise working in Dublin’s South West Inner city