Give us Five – with Volunteer Kieran Gaya!

Open House Dublin Volunteer Kieran Gaya shares his top five Dublin buildings and why...

5. Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Centre, 59 South William Street

This converted private home, originally set aside for lavish parties, still manages to give me that tingle that I am trespassing each time I go in to browse on the search for something unique. Winding staircases, with sculpted wooden railings, lit by huge chandeliers, all add to the historical glow!

4. The Long Room, Old Library Trinity College

Museums, libraries, and theatres fascinate me because they are places of discovery and performance – like cities, secret caves holding treasures which would take more than a lifetime to uncover! It is a place that ignites imagination. Every other film director wants it as a location and it is a must-see.

3. The Millenium Wing, National Gallery of Ireland

The entrance façade is a gate to enter a city within another. The vestibule always gives me a precursory thrill in advance of what I will see anew or revisit. Every vantage point gives a view forward and allows for backward glances that add to the wonder of the space.

2. The Lexicon, Dún Laoghaire Library

A modern Cathedral to learning. The exterior is monumental like an ocean ship. The interior is wood and steel, confirming the reference. The high ceiling, fabulous sea views from every corner, the amazing lighting which cleverly combines natural and artificial, create an atmosphere I rarely wish to leave!

DLR LexIcon Library. Photo by Kieran Gaya.

1.  Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Grand Canal – My all-time favourite!

The building looks like a large rough-cut diamond. Refracted daylight is softened by the water fronting it, enhancing its sculptural qualities. At night it regifts this light to the dark exterior, lantern-like. The plush red interior, wrapped by muted grey stairs, creates a cosiness in spite of size.

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Photograph © Ros Kavanagh.


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