Open House Dublin & Airbnb


As well as being a leading sponsor for the festival, Airbnb is helping to leverage great content, opening up their new international hub office on Hanover Quay and supporting a number of host homes to be included in the programme.

As the Centenary of The Rising that led to Irish Independence, the theme of Open House Dublin 2016 is ‘The Presence of the Past’. The festival looks at how buildings tell the story of the development of Dublin from a social, cultural and political perspective. Looking through our contemporary lens it seeks to uncover the aspects of the past that can be implemented in future built environment strategies and policies.

The inclusion of Airbnb’s new home at Hanover Quay is entirely fitting with this theme - steeped in great history, it was allegedly home to Ireland’s first fridge. Housed in one of the last remaining warehouse buildings so characteristic of the Dublin Docklands, the new international hub building which faces on to Grand Canal Basin. Heneghan Peng, the fit out architects, designed a new workspace for 400 people within a three storey shell and core building by RKD architects. This landmark building was previously home to Dublin Ice & Cold Storage (1865-1950s) and was then the Raleigh Bicycle Factory (1954-1980). Hanover Quay was largely an open space until 1865 when Stoney Buildings re-faced the quayside so that it could cater to the increasing numbers of steamships. 6-8 Hanover Quay was part of this redevelopment and became a series of cold storage units for housing the contents of the many trawling ships docking at the Quay during this period.

Airbnb has captured elements of both the global and local. Each of their meeting rooms are either replicas of listings on the Airbnb platform or iconic Irish inclusions which recognise the building’s important role in the development of Dublin. In addition to the inclusion of the Airbnb Warehouse, IAF has selected seven of their favourite homes owned by Airbnb hosts, to feature in this year’s Open House Dublin, some of which are returning favourites and others new to the programme.

Airbnb and Open House Dublin share core values of community and creating a sense of belonging, as well as a belief that connectivity and discovery are open to everybody. Airbnb will host an event on home-sharing for the Open House Dublin community and Airbnb staff will be volunteering at Open House Dublin 2016 events.

James McClure, Airbnb General Manager for Northern Europe said:

“Airbnb is committed to helping make every city we work in stronger socially, economically, and environmentally and Dublin is no exception. Our hosts are proud of their homes, and Open House Dublin is a natural partner for us as fellow champions of Irish hospitality, great design and great homes. We’re very proud to support Open House Dublin for a second year, and help to grow the reach of this creative and important event.”

"Airbnb are champions of good design, not only in their office space but also in the quality of homes their hosts offer to their community of users", says Nathalie Weadick, IAF Director. "We are delighted to be partnering with Airbnb to promote great architecture."